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14" MP Diamond Blade  - *PRO. Grade

14" MP Diamond Blade - *PRO. Grade

14" MP Diamond Blade  - *PRO. Grade
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  • Designed to cut most cured concrete, concrete pavers, clay brick & natural stone
  • Also includes drop segments to cut occasional asphalt, green concrete or other soft material to reduce undercutting
  • Professional diamond quality and high concentration prefers saws with 8 - 25 HP
  • For use on high speed gas hand held saws and masonry table saws

      o   Item # = WPSGP412-14M for 1"/20mm arbor
      o   Item # = WPSGP412b-14M for straight 20mm arbor
      o   Segment height = 12mm(.47”)
      o   Segment width = 3.2mm(.125”)
      o   Max safe RPM = 5400
      o   Recommended operating RPM = 5400

*Testing of this PROFESSIONAL blade quality has achieved 23,000+ dry cuts of an 8500 p.s.i. concrete paver, 4” wide and 2 3/8” tall before complete segment wear.
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